Spatial Analysis

We are using advanced mapping tools to identify potential sites for large rooftop, ground-mounted, and carport solar — while avoiding important farmland, natural areas, and other places that are inappropriate for development. We will compare these low-impact sites with current grid capacity to identify where new projects could go online now and where grid modifications would be needed to utilize additional solar resources. 

Spatial Analysis Work Plan now available! 

Cost Estimates

Each type of installation has a different set of costs for equipment, permitting, site preparation and more and the cost of each type. We will provide realistic assessments of installation costs for each potential site based on data and expert input from local and regional solar industry experts. 

Economic Analysis Work Plan now available!

Community Engagement

We will use surveys, focus groups, and other outreach methods to better understand how solar energy generation can be sited, designed, and constructed in ways that to meet the needs and preferences of Long Island communities. 

Social Science Work Plan Now Available!

Strategy Development 

The Consortium will develop a roadmap to strategic, economic, and expedient build-out of solar energy resources for Long Island including renewable energy goals, policy, and communication recommendations. The roadmap will drive solar energy development to areas where suitability and grid capacity match, and target smart investments to improve grid capacity in areas with high generation potential but current grid constraints.